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Rebuild problems with a large assembly with 70+ configurations.

Question asked by Thijs Haverkamp on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by Thijs Haverkamp

Dear All,


My name is Thijs Haverkamp and I'm an engineer for a bicycle manufacturer in Holland.


Recently I build some models with large amounts of configurations. These models are bicycle frames which have small differences from each other, this was mainly the reason to have a few assemblies with many configurations. In these assemblies there are tubes which are cut in reference to another surface. I decided to not use surface-cuts since these have more trouble rebuilding than assembly features because I have to make external relations to make them work.


So, I decided to make all cuts in the assembly to avoid external relations. This worked like a charm, at least with the first model. When I finished the second model, which I build in the exact same way, rebuild problems occured. (see attached .pdf) Incidently this was around the same time as we upgraded our systems from SW2010 to SW2012.


These rebuild issues are easily resolved by simply pressing the rebuild button. But this is also my problem, when I release drawings through EPDM, it does not give it that ''extra'' rebuild. Therefor these drawings are not rebuild correctly and have to be done manually to assure these rebuild problems do not occur.


Does anyone else have experience with this issue?


Thank you in advance..



Thijs Haverkamp


**The attached .pdf file contains some views of the features not being rebuild. As well as a screenshot of my design tree and the configuration tree.


(Models are build in SW2010 SP5.0 and upgraded to SW2012 SP3.0, in SW2010 everything worked fine. Problems started occuring when we upgraded to 2012. But since I do not have the SW2010 files, there is no way to check this. So it might be coincidental.