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Defining bend radius of flexible tube

Question asked by Nathan Halcomb on Jan 9, 2013

Good afternoon all,


Two questions:  1) I have created custom fitting and tube (hose) components and would like to define the bend radius using my design tables.  Looking back at earlier discussions it looks like this feature was unavailable in previous versions of SW.  I'm using 2012 SP4.0, is this still the case or do I need to continue to input a bend radius for each route?  2) As I mentioned, I am working with flexible hose and regardless of what bend radius I input in the Route Properties, my models do not update accordingly (2" or 16.5" doesn't matter).  Even with rebuilding, saving, closing, and re-opening no updates are made to reflect the correct bend radius.  Is the Bend Radius property active/live when "Use flexible hoses" is checked?  Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, which I am completely okay with at this point.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


EDIT:  I am using Routing 2012.