Folder structure regarding designing

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 31, 2006
We are still in the process of figuring out best practice on folder structure. We have not started to use the PDM yet, but will be soon. I need some suggestions on the best way to store parts and assemblies when a new project or design is in the beginning stages. In the past when using AutoCad the ones that designed the machines we make would store their working drawings in their backup folders, not in the folders where the finished parts and assemblies were kept. Now that we are using SW more we need to know the best way to handle these parts and assemblies. We have folders setup on the server for purchase parts & assys, manufactured parts & assys, etc. If someone is working on a proto-type where is the best place to store them? If there are existing parts that will be used in the proto-type should those parts be stored in the folder designated for that type not in a backup folder? What about parts still in the working stage? For example: if we have an assy with a RH & LH side. The parts are bent oppsite and the shape might change. The RH side has part # assigned & the mirrored LH does not. Good form or not?

So I guess my main question is where should these working designs be saved so that all parts and assemblies are easy to find and access and keeping the links between them?

Thank you for any suggestions,
Rita K