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How to set up mates more quickly

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by Samuel Leith

Hi guys,

I have a hardware component that I use a lot in assemblies. It's not s screw/bolt or anything like that. It's a special connecting element that we use.


I'm really getting tired of manually positioning that component over and over again using the same mates.

I can't use smartmates, because the component in question mates with all kinds of different wedlments.

However, the component is always positioned the same way, no matter what it mates to: the 3 mains planes are always 22.5mm away from 3 equivalenet surfaces on the mating part.


I'd like to set up the connecting element so that when I drag it from my Design Library into the assembly, a pop up appears, and asks me to select the 3 reference surfaces from the assembly. Once done, the component would be automatically position itself 22.5mm from each of these selected surfaces.


I know I've seen this before (the pop-up asking to select 'equivalent' references), I just can't remember at all where.

It's not a smart mate, it's not a smart component, what is it?


Thanks for your help.