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Alternate parts in BOM

Question asked by Mark Treadwell on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by John Burrill

Can anyone recommend a simple approach for adding alternate parts to a solidworks BOM? We don't use any kind of ERP system that it would have to be integrated with, so hopefully that makes it easier. Our approach with this first instance is just to add sufficient but non-specific information in the description (it's a tire, so we can use a standard designation) and just list both manufacturers side by side on the one part. For another part where we would need to show more detailed information for both mfrs, this won't work. The obvious (to me) solution is to add the alternative part to the assembly and hide it, but then we have to manually overwrite the BOM item number and make sure we maintain the correct qtys, and we have to remember to do it every time we use the part. Interested to hear what everyone else does...