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How to create disassociated files

Question asked by Lojze Bohor on Jan 8, 2013
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this has been driving me crazy for the past 2 days, as i just cannot break associativity on a part within an assembly. I dont want to do configurations, i just want create  assembly 1, save a copy and then open it , do some changes and save it as assembly 2, so i have 2 diffrent assemblies. I do check the 'Save a copy' option when I save the assembly (save as...) ( and i get the messege about breaking associativity, but when i open assembly 1 after i have made the change in assembly2 (and assembly 2 has been saved as a copy and than opened), assembly 1 automaticaly changes to reflect the changes I have made in assembly 2. Why does it have to be such a horror to accomplish such a simple task?


Please someone give me advice on how to break the associativity.