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Locked Database file will not release

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by Scott Baugh

Anyone else having the issues with SW Toolbox 2012 Database file becoming locked and will not release for anything? We are fighting this issue here.


Not sure when it gets locked, but when it does it keeps the users from installing the latest version of SW 2012. The current user that has the file locked today, I logged into his PC and there was a "sw_xxxx" process running and i killed that thinking it was a SW process and the file would not release. I had him reboot while I watched the file. While he was rebooting the actual PC the file still would not let me remove it, nor would it go away on its own. When his PC was back online and clicked F5 and refreshed the window and the time stamp updated to the new time, the same time the PC was back... so the file reconnected once windows booted up.... what in the heck inside of windows would cause a SW Toolbox database file to stay locked... this is causing us (ME) a lot of loss time on things I need to be doing... VAR has not been much of any help, nor did the SW Techs I spoke to a few weeks ago. Of course to give them some credit we did discuss a multiude of problems and install errors we got when we upgraded to SW 2012 SP5


Anyone else come across this?