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IM finding old removed version

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2013 by Scott Baugh

Good morning everyone!


Hopefully someone can help me find a solution to this problem. I will try and be brief in my setup


All the users are installed with an Admin image. Some users are lazy and don't follow instructions when we move to a new version of solidworks. After a few months of the new release I remove the old Admin Image off the server. Then when those users try to update to the latest or remove the old software the installation fails. I then have to manually remove Solidworks from the users PC. After its all been cleaned (Registry [Including the MS\Uninstall location], & HDD) and I start the new installation of Solidworks the IM still finds the old version of SW still installed on the machine...


My question is Where is it getting that information that it still thinks SW is installed?


I use the new uninstall solidworks process in the Admin Image and if its still finding the old version that was removed, then its going to try an remove it, which usually will cause the install to fail.


Anyone have any ideas where this is getting pulled from so I can remove it?


Kind Regards,

Scott Baugh