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Weights of configured part don't match those in Assembly BOM.

Question asked by Max Gold on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by Jason Bardis

I have a part with multiple configurations and each config is a different size/weight. The program showes the correct mass properties when I view in the part model and in the custom properties. The geometry of the part is driven by equations and I have created many custom properties like length, width, etc.


I also have an assembly that contains this part and others with a BOM that shows the custom properties. For instances of this part in th BOM, the correct custom property values are shown. Larger configs of the part show longer lengths etc. But this only applies to the custom properties that are based on equations in the part. Any custom properties that reference the SW-XXXX mass properties like weight, volume, surface area etc. show the same value regardless of the part configuration.


To be clear, in the part, I browse through the configs and use evaluate->mass properties and I get:

Config 1: length 5, weight 10

Config 2: length 10, weight 20

Config 3: length 15, weight 30


But when I have an instance of the part in an assembly BOM all instances of the part have the correct length but incorrect mass properties like 

Config 1: length 5, weight 20

Config 2: length 10, weight 20

Config 3: length 15, weight 20


The way I have defined the misbehaving custom property in the custom property dialogue is



Value Text Expression: "SW-Mass@Part1.SLDPRT"




The one that works is like this :



Value Text Expression:  "L@Part1.SLDPRT"



It seems the mass properties are "sticking" to a single value while the ones that i defined work fine. But, this only happens when I look at the parts in a BOM. When I'm in the assembly and I click on the mass properties for the misbehaving parts, the weights show up correctly also. So the mass properties in the assem contradict the BOM. The weight is correct everywhere except the bom essentially.


How do I make the weights show up correctly.


Thanks for your time!


I'm on SW2011 sp2.0