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    Save As

    Zach Zimmerman

      Ever since I upgraded to SW2013 and do a save as, 75% of the time the save as copy box is checked. Is there a setting that does this automatically? I've noticed this same phenomena in my drawings with the auto-start projected view in the view palette of my task pane. Please help.

      Task Pane.PNG

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          John Seyler

          I believe both boxes will remember what was checked the last time you completed that action. I do not have SW in front of me this second but try changing it and see what happens when you run it a second time.

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            jason van clark


            uncheck the box next to "____ is being referenced by other open documents.  "Save As" will replac..."

            Open an assembly

            Open on of the components in the assembly

            File>Save As

            The message box will appear.  Check the 'Don't show again' box in the lower left and select the 'Save as new name' optionCapture.PNG


            This will reset SWX for you



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                John Highet

                Jason, thanks for this tip.  We finally upgraded to SW2013 a couple weeks ago and I had been screwing things up all over because I was used to the "save as copy" check box being unchecked.  Huge sigh of relief after following your instructions and having the default back to unchecked.  It's the little things... 


                Thanks again,