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Old shortcut still works after folder rename

Question asked by Melissa Mills on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by Tim Webb

I have an interesting situation and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever seen this.  About a month ago I renamed a folder in EPDM that contains engineering drawings for a project.  Prior to this one of the engineering leads had created a shortcut to the original folder and placed it on his desktop.  Today we discovered that the shortcut, using the old folder name still takes him to the folder and displays it as the old folder name.  Upon further investigation we saw that it looks like an exact representation of the renamed folder.   However, if you take the path out of the shortcut and copy it into EPDM you receive an error that the folder doesn’t exist.  I have tried to create a shortcut to replicate the problem but receive the same error. It appears that only the shortcut created before the folder rename will do this.   Hope this makes sense.