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    Lofted Plastic Box

    Andrew Pratt

      Can anyone point me to a tutorial for creating a simple box?


      The box base is 247 x 147, increasing to 250 x 150 at the top, 74mm apart.


      Not sure which method to apply doing this.



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          Arthur Loginow

               It is pretty simple, first make the skecth 1, then move the plane that contains the sketch1 by 74mm in the normal direction (you do this by holding ctr down and draggin the plane that you want to move, in the direction that you want to move it, the plane can be top, front or right) now you can use the new plane to make the skecth2 and to use the loft feature wich is very simple too. To make it even clearer you can check this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAmUZKLzod0


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