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Long file save times after conducting motion studies

Question asked by C. N. on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by C. N.

Hey there, I have a problem. I have been designing a kinetic sculpture in Solidworks with multiple subassemblies (some at that being flexible) to create a moving assembly that animates.


Saving and workflow with the assembly has not been a problem, quick and easy and smooth. However, once I try save my document (file, save) after creating a motion study with a simple 5 second motion analysis (motor and gravity) the save time becomes like 5 minutes (sometimes even longer). I am finding myself preforming a motion analysis, saving and rendering out the avi file, then not saving the document or deleting the motion analysis to prevent the long document save time. It’s almost as if it’s recalculating the motion study upon saving the assembly. It does not seem to happen when creating an animation withing motion studies- just motion analysis.

Can anyone please help? Can I control this save time?



Total number of components - 1717

Number of top level components – 69

Number of top level mates – 195

Subassemblies – 230 (only 2 are flexible)


Solidworks Premium X64 2013 SP0

Dell M6700 with k5000m