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Who wants to show me what I'm doing wrong in renaming an assembly?

Question asked by Matt Smith on Jan 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by Barry Watkins

This test assembly file includes a virtual part ("Copy of Part1") and a virtual assembly ("Copy of Assem2") in it.


The virtual assembly, in turn, has a virtual part inside it called "Part3".  That part has a reference in its sketch to an edge of "Copy of Part1"


So...  I want to rename this entire assembly from "test.sldasm" to "anythingelse.sldasm".  If I do so using SolidWorks Explorer, the reference to the edge goes out of context.  When I examine that reference, it's still looking for the edge of "Copy of Part1" still in "test.sldasm".  It has not been changed to be aware of the new overall assembly name change done in SolidWorks Explorer.


I'm using 2013 x64, SP1.0