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Modeling Accurate Wires w/o Routing Add-In

Question asked by Nathan Cassou on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by Mike Pogue

The company I work for uses SW Standard 2012 without the Routing Add-In. I have been put to the task of  updating all of our products into 3D assemblies which I am now learning requires electrial routing of small gauge wires. I watched a tutorial on how to model and route a wire manually using a 3D spline and a round profile to sweep. It seems to be working just fine, however I question how accurate are these wires in the assembly. We will be doing shock and environmental simualtions (using SW Premium Simulation) on the product and I would like to know if this would be an adequate method of modeling wires for a simulation. Would the most detailed wire be the best? Meaning should I actually model a small strand of wire, twist several together in an assembly, and then try to model some sort of plastic coating over it? Is the more detail better when these are going in an assembly simulation?