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Sub-assembly components move and float in space.

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Skeeter Ebersole

Letely I've been having problem with sub-assembly components becoming "un-mated" while in another asssembly. I say "un-mated" because they act as though they are mated into a fixed position, but the position it fixes them in is random and not where the component is mated into the sub-assemly.
i used to have this happen with 2012 once in a while and you just just grab the part with the "Move Component" tool (Doing it with just the pointer never seemed to work. not sure why.) and it would snap back into place. With 2013 this doesn't happen anymore and the part stays where it is, even if all documents are closed and re-opened, etc.


No matter what I do I can no get the assembly to rebuild properly. Any suggestions?


System info:

Windows 7 x64
Solidworks 2013 SP0 and SP1 (Different machines)

I've provided pictures on what is happening, they explain it a lot better.
The first picture if what the assembly looks likes with the sub asssembly compoents in random places.
The second picture is what the sub-assembly looks like when opened.


Thanks in advance.