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    Simulation and Weldments

    Jeff Howe

      Hello. I am fairly new to the Solidworks Simulation world and I have a question.


      I am working on the frame shown in the image below. On the frame, we will mount an 800hp electric motor and positive diplacement pump. With this large of a motor, I want to make sure the frame can handle the torque.


      The frame is drawn up using Weldments.



      In the Simulation Study, I choose static analysis, caclulate the joints, add fixtures, apply the torque to the necessary surfaces about an axis. Everything seems fine. When I mesh and run, I get the below error.

      Weldment Error.JPG


      By default, I use a Global Bonded Contact for the whole frame since everything will have a full pen seal weld all around.


      I tried adding an individual bonded contact between each solid and structural memeber hoping this would fix it, but no such luck.


      Now, if I go through and treat all of the beams as a solid, the study runs as it should; but common sense it telling me that the program is treating the 8" X 6" X 3/8" rectangular tube as a 8" X 6" solid steel bar. Obviouisly, this will effect the results.


      Does anyone know how to fix the above error, "Please define bonded contact sets between beam and solid/shell"?

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          Jeff Howe


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              Richard Wehmeyer

              It looks like you are using solid parts in addition to the weldments and this causes problems sometimes.  Try finding the 8x6x.375 bar in weldments.  If it is not there, create the profile and put it into the weldment folder under (...weldment profiles\custom\rectangular tube) alongside (...weldment profiles\ansi inch).  this will make it a weldment part which eliminates the error.


              If you are using a weldment part, it should be 8x6x0.375 and not 8x6 solid

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              Richard Wehmeyer

              Here is the weldment part.  You can modify this part (don't forget to modify properties) to any size you want and do a "Save as..." to make more parts.  This one can go into the (...weldment profiles\ansi inch\Rectangular Tube) folder


              After reading the error again I can see that your problem is a solid object problem. The motor mount is not beam element and any contact between beam and solid has to be done at the end of a beam element. (all weldments are treated as beam). to make this work you would need to "cut" the crossmembers at each point that you attatch the motor mount. this puts a node on the solid which allows bonding.


              If you upload the part I can fix it and re-upload.