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Simulation and Weldments

Question asked by Jeff Howe on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by Richard Wehmeyer

Hello. I am fairly new to the Solidworks Simulation world and I have a question.


I am working on the frame shown in the image below. On the frame, we will mount an 800hp electric motor and positive diplacement pump. With this large of a motor, I want to make sure the frame can handle the torque.


The frame is drawn up using Weldments.



In the Simulation Study, I choose static analysis, caclulate the joints, add fixtures, apply the torque to the necessary surfaces about an axis. Everything seems fine. When I mesh and run, I get the below error.

Weldment Error.JPG


By default, I use a Global Bonded Contact for the whole frame since everything will have a full pen seal weld all around.


I tried adding an individual bonded contact between each solid and structural memeber hoping this would fix it, but no such luck.


Now, if I go through and treat all of the beams as a solid, the study runs as it should; but common sense it telling me that the program is treating the 8" X 6" X 3/8" rectangular tube as a 8" X 6" solid steel bar. Obviouisly, this will effect the results.


Does anyone know how to fix the above error, "Please define bonded contact sets between beam and solid/shell"?