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    LoadSplineData() Does not work!!!

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      I've been trying to get the LoadSplineData() to work and have had no sucess at all.  I've wasted 8+hrs trying to figure this out...

      all I want to freaking do is just update the Motor data via a text file with the same name!!!!  I don't understand why this is so difficult!!! The online tutorial and documentation is uesless!


      Everything works except for the "LoadSplineData("C:\....csv")  command


      I keep getting a run-time error '-2147417851 (80010105)':


      Automation error

      The server threw an exception.


      Below is an excerpt from my code:


      vMotionFeatures = swMotionStudy3.GetMotionFeatures

          Dim strMotor As String

          For i = 0 To UBound(vMotionFeatures)


             Set swFeat = vMotionFeatures(i)

              If swFeat.GetTypeName = "AEMLinearMotor" Then


                  For n = 0 To 3


                      strMotor = "LinearMotor5" & n

                      If swFeat.Name = strMotor Then

                          'do thing here

                          Set swMotorFeat = vMotionFeatures(i).GetDefinition

                         retval = swMotorFeat.LoadSplineData("C:\Motor5" & i & ".csv")



                      End If


                  Next n

                  n = 0

             End If

           Next i


      Please!!! Any help would be much appreciated!