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    Auto update of files

    Peter Nichols

      We are proposing to move a lot of parts to a new folder structure. Is there an automatic way of updating the path references in numerous assembly files?



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          Jeff Holliday

          I don't know of any automatic way of doing it but I would suggest at least to use SolidWorks Explorer to do it instead of just Windows Explorer. SW Ex will stand a better chance of maintaining existing part-to-assy relationships.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            You probably already thought of this, but could you Pack and Go your assemblies and then delete the old files?

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              John Burrill

              Peter, I'm assuming you're asking because you have too many assemblies to be able to accomplish the move by opening them one at a time.

              Unfortunately there isn't a mainstream tool in Solidworks to set reference paths for lots of files simulteneously.  this often makes it difficult to move files from one network architecture to another and reinforces the need for a PDM system to manage this.

              That's not to say there isn't any way.  I believe if you look at the Document manager API, it has all of the methods neccessary to access and update the document references in your files without opening them in Solidworks.

              You might start down that road.


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                Jeremy Feist

                not exactly - but there is a way to let SW find the files in their new homes - assuming you were all good and don't have duplicate files names.


                in the system options, file locations, referenced files  you will need to list out all of the folders (and sub-folders) that the files are moving to. AND make sure the Search file locations for external references option is checked. Then, if SW cannot find a file where the parent file expects to find it, SW will start going through these folders to find a file with the same name. so it can take a little longer to open files the first time, but once you same the parent the paths will be updated.



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                  Elmar Klammer



                  You can move the files to your new folder structure. Under tools options you can specify a reference file path.

                  look up " External Reference Search Order" in the help or Google. It will explain how SW resolves file references.

                  If there are no duplicate filenames, you should be able to save the new file references after you have opened
                  the assemblies. That part you can automate.