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    ISwDMConfiguration2 - GetComponents returns an empty array

    Graydon Svendson

      I'm working on a C++ Application that will pull a complete BOM from a solidworks assembly document using the Document Manager API.


      I'm not sure there is any correlation here, but on smaller assemblies my code seems to work and I am able to obtain a list of Components, but on large top level assemblies I am unable to get a list of components.


      Here is my pseudo code. (I'm using the variable types to show which methods I'm calling)


      ISwDMDocument15Ptr = ISwDMApplication3Ptr->GetDocument();

      ISwDMConfigurationMgrPtr = ISwDMDocument15Ptr->ConfigurationManager;

      names = ISwDMConfigurationMgrPtr->GetConfigurationNames();

      ISwDMConfiguration13Ptr = ISwDMConfigurationMgrPtr->GetConfigurationByName(names[0]);



      This code works for some .sldasm files but not others.


      PS: I do not normally work with SolidWorks so maybe my terminology is off.  Should Get Components return sub assemblies as well as just parts?