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    Identify if a circle is over defined.

    Joecel Torres


           Is there a way to know if a circle is over defined?

           The circle is being constraint to two points, one constraint is coincident and the other is concentric.

           So for example when the program added the coincident constraint and the circle became fully defined,

           the diameter dimension of the circle will be toggled to 'Driven'.


           I attached an image for additional reference.

           Thanks a lot!




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          Artem Taturevych

          You can only get the status of the sketch Sketch::GetConstrainedStatus but not an individual entity.



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            Arthur Loginow

            Hello Joecel i do not know if this is gonna help you but just for this case the circle it is over defined  because you are applying 2 constrains to 2 lines that already have a dimension (i assume that the arrow at the right its a dimension simbol), so the radius of your circle will be the same that the value of that dimension, and you use another dimension, the diameter dimension, so the program is using 2 dimension for the same entity, if you want to repair this, you can remove one constraint or remove the diameter dimension from the circle, i hope this was helpful for you, if it was please click the answered button.