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SWx Assembly Opens Toolbox Parts Instead of Modified Parts

Question asked by Claudio Forcolin on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by Claudio Forcolin

I have modified two items from the SWx Toolbox (a 3/4-10 nut and 3/4-10 bolt) which I modified using the sweep cut feature to make an exact replica of a 3/4-10 thread.  I saved saved the modified parts using the "save as copy" as seperate parts, and then used them to created an assembly showing how the nut and bolt fit including the screw mate.



Now when I open the assembly the parts I created are not opened. SWx goes to the Toolbox and opens a 3/4-10 nut and 3/4-10 bolt from there instead. I have to manually replace components everytime I open the assembly as SWx goes to the tool box instead f the parts I manually edited frm SWx Toolbox parts.




What settings should I be looking at to correct this error? I have attached the correct parts



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