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Looking for help with importing files and trodes into SW2012 and setting origins

Question asked by Vernon Haze on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by Doug Seibel

Hi everyone,

I am new to both solid works and mold making and would like to see if someone can help out with some specific questions. I am not sure if what we are trying to do is even possible since I am new.

The company bought a new Mitsu sinker and another seat of solidworks 2012 based on a demonstration at the IMTA show. What I need to do is import an existing file into solidworks and set the origin of the cavity as top center. I also need to either create a point on each electrode for xyzc or set an origin for each electrode. This is where do not know how to go about it or if thats even possible. 


So what we do here is the designer uses Creo Elements 18 to design the mold and electrodes. We then open the *.pkg file and save as *.stp files to open with Unigraphics NX8.5

We use NX for machining.

Burning with the sinker is where things get odd. We save the parts as an *.iges and then open with mastercam 8. I use Mcam 8 to orientate the cavity etc with the trodes, set center, z heights etc. We have a macro someone created to create a point on each trode on center of the 3r chuck and at the lowest point of the trode. Then we save as Mcam 7, and then as *.ge3

We program with Mcam 6 with a post for a mitsu sinker. It sets the xyz points for each trode, but we manually set the rotation by the way we load the trodes into the changer. We are trying to use solid works to set this so the operator can load all the electrodes into the changer the same consistent way.


The files I have tried are *.iges, *.stp, *.x_t *.prt, and *.pkg

The software we have is

Creo Elements 18.0

Unigraphics NX 8.5

CoCreate Modeling 2008 vers 16.50 (

Mcam 9, 8, 7, and 6


There is a small program that we will be using that pulls directly from solidworks the origins of each trode to program the new sinker. Right now it is just repeating the global (?) origin for each one.


Does this make sense to anyone?


We will be using an 80 position robot with 6 pallets so minimizing operator error is crucial.