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    System Update Notification

    Ryan Dietz

      Quick question. We have over a couple hundred different users from all departments in many states as well as overseas. I would like to send system update notifications to all users through EPDM but not sure how.


      For example: I add or delete some variables from file cards or update the workflow. I want to send an alert to the users through the system that there were changes and describe the changes.


      How do you handle system updates and notifying the various users?






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          Shawn Kelly

          I have a group I created called PDM_X_EVERYONE that I have automatically add new users and contains the rest.   Run this query and it will give a user email address listed that can be copied into the TO: address from an email application.  Granted it's not automated, but it also gives the flexibilty for you to put together whatever type notification or message to follow.



          Declare @users varchar(max)

          Set @users = ''


          Select @users = @users + Email + ';'
          FROM         Users INNER JOIN
                                GroupMembers ON Users.UserID = GroupMembers.UserID INNER JOIN
                                Groups ON GroupMembers.GroupID = Groups.GroupID
          Where Groups.Groupname = 'PDM_X_EVERYONE' and Enabled = 1


          Select @users

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            Jim Sculley

            I have a group of system control files (empty files with a .ctrl) extension that I move through a simple workflow for various types of files (templates, macros, etc).  If I need to change a drawing template, I first transition the corresponding control file (template.ctrl) to a 'Changes Pending' state.  When the changes to the actual template are complete, I move the control file to a new state and have a notification set up on the transition.


            Jim S.