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Automatic transitions with pasted references

Question asked by Nicholas Walls on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by Brandon Richards

I have 2 workflows, A and B, with a file using workflow B pasted as a reference to a file in workflow A. I'm attempting to have a transition in workflow A do the same transition in workflow B. I can get it to work if the transition is manual, but if the transition in workflow A is automatic it doesn't activate the transition in workflow B.


I would just make the transition in workflow B automatic also, but there's a parallel approval loop in workflow A that needs to be completed before the automatic transition occurs (I'm currently using EPDM 2011). The automatic transition is what confirms that there's been the correct number of approvals in the loop.


Is there anyway to make an automatic transition work with a pasted reference or should I just include an additional manual transition? Thanks.