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    Supersonic fin analysis

    Michael Zl

      i am trying to simulate a small rocket design, nothing too fancy, 2 sets of fins front and back


      the velocity range im intersted in is 1000-500 m/s, meaning up to mach 4


      since im enteirly new to CFD im not sure im going the right way,

      can solidworks flow simulation simulate such a thing

      and can i get forces on the fins and the body (and moments of possible).?


      or the right way is smething like fluent?


      any help will be greatly appriecated

        • Re: Supersonic fin analysis
          Bill McEachern

          From my expereince you can do it a decent job of it with flwo Sim. Autoadaptive meshing needs to be on, maybe start at a slow lower supersonic speed and use the results from that speed as IC's for higher speeds. Use symmetry if suitable. Expect large cell counts and long compute times. Make sure the ratio of partial cells to other cell types is les than 1 (do not have a partial cell dominated model - takes to long to compute).