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Help with a part made of spring steel?

Question asked by Rick Donnellon on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by Roland Schwarz

I need to design a part from spring steel to exert a approximate force at a specific deflection. Attached is a PDF trying to demonstrate requirements.


  • The spring part is held in place on a pivot shaft and a pin at one end (not shown) is inserted in a hole in another part (part B).
  • A force is applied at the other end of the spring part moving the one end about 2.5MM and trying to rotate around the pivot.
  • Since the pin is in the hole in part "B" and can't move the spring part flexes exerting a force on the hole in part "B".
  • The force I am looking for is about 440N


I am thinking If I can set up a SolidWorks Simulation, I can play with the cross section of the spring part until I get the required force at the required deflection? I don't have a material picked out yet, I am hoping to get some help with that. I am working with a spring manufacture, trying spec a material and get the required mechanical properties. Can anyone tell me which of the following properties are required to run a simulation like this?


Elastic Modulus

Poissons Ratio

Shear Modulus


Tensile Strength

Compressive Strength in X

Yield Strength

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

Thermal Conductivity

Specific Heat

Material Damping Ratio



I only have SolidWorks Premium 2012 SP5 so I only have SimulationXpress ( I think) and the first thing I noticed it it only offers "Fixed Holes" for fixtures. I think I may need like a hinged type of connection to solve this? Can anyone confirm this?


Can anyone suggest a material?


I am not a spring steel expert and have only done a couple very simple Simulations so any help and/of feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I have also attached a SolidWorks file of the spring part if anyone wants to play with it.


Thanks in advance