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    How do i get a reflective surface?

      I did a search before posting. Previous discussions talked about the image being a parking lot or car show room. So the default must have changed, someone liked the yellow. hehe. Changing the default takes some effort.
        • How do i get a reflective surface?
          Yes, there was a discussion of these image maps awhile ago and how we could get access to change the maps if we wanted, but I don't think they are easliy accessable.
          • How do i get a reflective surface?
            Thanks, Mark. I have no need for fancy chrome but at least I know the trick now.

            Then I thought… what’s SW using for the reflective image? So I chromed a ball. Looks like a shop.
            • How do i get a reflective surface?
              Since you don't seem to have RealView you are out of luck for seeing the reflections in real time, so you don't have to worry about material assignments either. PhotoWorks doesn't care about SW "Material" assignments but has it's own shaders you apply (also called "materials"; confused yet?) that you won't see until you run a rendering. Go through the PhotoWorks tutorial to get started with it and visit Rob Rodriguezs' site to look at his tutorials.
              • How do i get a reflective surface?
                I would sure like to see this real time, dont mind being able to see it in a render either. How do i see it in a render i suppose that is possible, since realview isn't an option for me.

                I doubt i have an approved graphics card because all my drivers are installed and i presume its automatic detection on SW's part?

                You mentioned "assigning a material to a part will affect all kinds of mass property calculations down the road. "

                So what is the best way to go about it if different kinds of materials are required for different parts?
                many thanks.
                • How do i get a reflective surface?

                  Thanks in advance for your help.

                  I have 2 problems:

                  1) I'm looking to create a surface effect which looks like mirror finish, similar to the finish they have in the solidworks website with the hairdryer for surfacing tools. I'm using Solidworks 2006 and i know there are 'Solid Body Material' not here, and 'texture' which is not there either, so i need to know if there's another option for more surfacing.

                  2) How do I insert a Jpeg into solidworks, for example, if i want to infuse a logo designed in photodraw or coreldraw and want my logo to appear on a surface of a ball.

                  Thanks for your efforts,
                  • How do i get a reflective surface?
                    Are you trying to create a rendering or do you want to see this reflection as you're working on the model. To see these reflective kinds of textures on your model as you work you need to have a SW approved video card with the right drivers installed and have "RealView" graphics engaged. This button is on the View Display toolbar I believe. The next thing you need is to assign one of the metallic materials to the part. Go to the "Material" assignment near the top of the Feature Manager. Don't ask me why this is the only way to get a RealView reflective shader on a part, but that's how you get to it. You cannot just assign this color and reflectivity to just a feature; body; or face either: it's the whole part or nothing. Also you have to be careful because assigning a material to a part will affect all kinds of mass property calculations down the road.

                    For the second issue, if the face you want to assign the jpg to is flat, you can just create a sketch on that face and insert an image into the sketch. When you have sized and placed the image you exit the sketch and you should be able to see it. If your surface is curved you need to have the PhotoWorks add-in active and apply a decal to the face or body.