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Advanced mate for guides

Question asked by Lojze Bohor on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2013 by P. Farnham

Hello guys,I have a bit of trouble of making the 'right mate' between 2 components that are pictured:Untitled.png

These are 2 guides for a wooden drawer, 1 guide is screwed to the drawer and the other to the base (for 1 drawer you would need 2 pairs of these guides). I would like to simulate the opening of a drawer but I just cannot find the right way. The problem is because the guide is not completely straight, at the end of the guide (or the start if you look at the guide that goes to the base) the path is a little 'angled', so you when the drawer is almost closed it is being pulled to the base for full closure by its weight (it goes a little downward when it is closed and a little upward when it is being open.)




So what I would like is the little wheel of the drawer guide to follow  along the whole face of the base guide, just like when you open and close the drawer. Ideally the wheel would rotate, but in this case it probally wont be possible since it is merged on the guide. I triedMate/Advanced/Path mate/ and a lot of other mates but I just cant get it to work.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards