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    mouse won't rotate anymore

    John White

      My wheel button on my Microsoft Wireless 5000 mouse won't rotate the view anymore and it really sucks. How do I get it to work again.

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          Paul Cullen

          Hi John


          I don't know how to get your mouse to work again, but I would open a file in edrawings or some other 3d software and check to see if it is working there, if it is still not working in edrawings then you know it is a Microsoft problem and not a SolidWorks problem. I would then uninstall the mouse and reinstall it to see if that fixed the problem.


          Hope you get it working again soon.



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            Troy Peterson

            Check to make sure your middle button is still set to act like a middle button.



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              Nathan Dewittie

              Just got that same mouse, the default is "Flip" change it to "Middle click" and you should be good to go.


              Also, make sure you do not have any conflicting "app-specific settings" that conflict with your middle button.  This is how I tried to deal with it at first.



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                Erik Bilello

                I've had one at home for a while and just got one at work.  At home I found that no matter what I set the wheel button to it sometimes rotates but more often doesn't.  I recall reading somewhere (on this forum probably) that something about the wheel design causes this. At home I finally gave up and got around it by switching the 5000 to the Mac and the Logitech mouse to the PC.

                Here at work I only have the 5000 mouse and being aware of the issue I assigned the side buttons to "middle-click" in app-specific settings for SolidWorks.  Takes a little getting used to but works quite well.