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Mating helical gears without interferences?

Question asked by Stefan Ilic on Dec 29, 2012

Hi, despite the fact that I am newbie here, I hope so that you will help me


So here is the problem.


I have to mate two helical gears. First what I did is that I made whole calculation by myself and then modeled them, but I couldn't mate them, I always had 3 to 4 interferences, also I calculated distance between their axis.Then I tried other simplified calculation, also didn't work out. Then I pulled two of them from the toolbox, differences in dimensions were 0.01% from my first more precise calculation, results same 3 to 4 interferences.


I positioned them righty, smaller one is left while bigger one is right orientated, axis are parallel, distance is righty setted, I mated one with the other through a plane, and one guy is fixed while second one is moving. I did everything by the book, tried manually to make them look like without interferences but there was no way to get the job done.


By the way, I am still a student with CSWP, I think that i won't be capable to push out something too complex .


Thanks in advance