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What should I ask my Fabricator?

Question asked by Michael Mora on Dec 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by Bernie Daraz

Hi guys


Im totally new to SW Sheet Metal,, and Im making an enclosure for some electronic equipment.

I need to tell my Fabricator to use certain Aluminum Alloy and some PEM fasteners.

Ive been learning about the K-Factor, Bend Ratios, but I dont think I can come out with those numbers by myself.


Are these things that Im supposed to ask my potential Fabricator(s)?


How do I know if what Im designing is something they can do? (Like if they can work under my specifications, etc,, because it looks like different Fabricators has different capabilities, in terms of bending, punching, etc size of sheets they can handle, etc)


I would lik to actually go to my Fabricator and have a more "educated" conversation when I ask them if they can do what I need them to do and more importantly, what are their limitations so I adapt my design to what they can make.



What would be the right approach here?


Thanks a lot


  1. Mich.