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    Mike Wilmink

      I'm trying to install Solidworks for from my customer.


      I get  ErrorCode:1305,


      Whats wrong

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          Dony Juniar Abdullah

          Hi Mike,


          Welcome SolidWorks Forum. I have suggestion for installation :

          1. Please Check your account admin or not
          2. Turn of Windows firewall
          3. Turn of antivirus
          4. Please check UAC, please using never notivy

          In your case, you will install SolidWorks 2012 SP0 in windows 7 64 bit. and then at mid installation you get message error 1305.

          The situation, first you can check knowledge base SolidWorks. But any suggestion in KB from error message :

          • Chech your DVD installation (ok or not)
          • Copy your DVD installation to local hard disk



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            Parthiban Thiyagarajan

            hello Mike.,


            Windows Installer error 1305, "Error reading from file" most commonly appears during installations in following situations:


            1) There is physical damage to the installation CD (scratch, dust, etc). If this is the case, you can sometimes work around this by copying the contents of all of the CD's locally (to a single folder) to the hard drive and then installing from there.

            2) Restrictions on CD ROM drive access are enabled: Check your computer's Local Security Policy settings:

                       1. Control Panel

                        2. Administrative Tools

                        3. Local Security Policy

                       4. Devices: ‘Restrict CD ROM Access to locally logged on user only’. If this setting is enabled, restrictions are in place on your PC that prevents the user from accessing the CD ROM drive.



            By Parthi.,