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    Draftsight website help

    Mike Lydon

      OK. Here I go again...another couple of hours I will never get back. I tried to to log in to the Draftsight website, but forgot my password (I'm there so often, it's soooo helpful). So I click on the "forgot my password" link. I type in my email address (to send my password to), and I get the message "email address does not exist", so, I figure maybe I didn't register before, so click on the link to register, I type in my email address, and get the message "email is already in use" or some such. So, which is it? How do I get into the website to try to resolve some issues/questions with Draftsight. Someone from Dassault needs to hang out with the folks who set up the Solidworks forum. Sorry for the rant. Can anyone here offer any advice?