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Displaying ePDM Custom Field Data in Visio file

Question asked by Raymond Chiu on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2013 by Faur Arama

We use ePDM to assign part numbers and revision numbers to (Visio) drawings, Excel Spreadsheets and Word documents.  Word display custom fields readily, but with Excel, we used a macro (VBA) to extract the custom field data and place it into a cell.


Visio is less straight forward.  I believe that we need to create a custom shape (or maybe extend and existing shape) to warehouse ePDM meta-data assigned when the .vsd is checked-in.  I would like the Visio document to display the correct ePDM assigned version # and part #.


I would think that I am not the first to need this capability and that others have solved this problems.  If you have solved this problem or know of an article (Google search was unsuccessful), please post enough details to reproduce your success.   Thank you.