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    Helix problem in assembly: unable to correctly create a spring.

    Vittorio Villani

      I have a problem in making a simple helix in SolidWorks 2013 SP0.


      I am making an helix to make a spring between two plates, creating the plates and the spring all in the assembly.


      In gray you can see the sketch that I am using in the helix (the central circle). I am using as reference plane the plane of my previous component.



      Now this is what I see in the preview (and what I'd like to obtain):




      And this is what I get after I press "OK":




      This happens only if I use the other component plane as a reference plance to sketch the circle. If I use a plane in the assembly I have no problem in getting the helix in the right position, but then I have problmes in creating the swept boss/base because it is not possible to select a part of the spring to make a pierce relation with the circle sketch used to define the section of the spring.


      I think that this is a visualization problem, because I could made the spring pressing in some "random points".


      Maybe this problems are related to the beta Quadro nVidia drivers that I am using? Those are the only stable drivers that I found for SolidWorks (I got no crashes, with other drivers I had problems).


      Does anybody have some similar experiences?