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Deleted files and Replication

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Dec 26, 2012
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We've setup our first replication server in our new plant. We replicated the full archive of about (550GB) onto the new archive server and have it up and running...well at least it passes the "tests" but I have noticed that our replicated files count continues to increase even though I've got replication set to run at (30 20 *) 8:30 pm from main server to new server and (30 21 *) from new server back to main.


My concern is the replication count isn't decreasing (actually increasing) even after the extended holiday weekend. I was wondering if the "deleted" files was the issue. I have over 33,000 files that are being reported as deleted and not purged yet. Does replication include those files? The "Replication Guide" leaves much to be desired as it only mentions "deleted" in the text twice!


Also, when it comes to restarting the services after you make changes to the schemas, is there a specific order of machines? Main server first, remotes secondary or remotes first, main second?


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