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Custom color and description of holes?

Question asked by Ryan Hudson on Dec 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by Ryan Hudson

Hello - I have come to a road block that I am hoping someone has faced before. I have edited the calloutformat.txt and the swbrowser.mdb nearly to my liking, I am just missing a couple things that I couldn't find any solid solutions for on the good ol' interwebs.


Please see attached.


I'd like to have my press fit dowels display a certain color when added. I made a new "type" for them in my toolbox and calloutformat so they look correct on the drawing using the hole callout tool but it would be great if they'd use the correct color as well. Is this possible? I toyed with styles and everything I could think of but I cannot get it to work.


Also, looking for the hardware/hole description for ansi inch cbore and csink holes. I was able to find and delete a few other problems in the database that caused display issues but I cannot find where these values live.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!





SW2012 SP4