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    SW 2012 Appearances and Materials

    Tristan Whiting

      Hi, I'm working on improving the look of some of the models at my company by giving realistic textures to our models that our customers see. I have been taking pictures and loading the .bmp files into custom materials as the material appearance but have run into a few issues that raised some questions to which I did not find the answers after some searching of this forum.


      Firstly, What exactly is a .p2m file? The first time I used a custom .bmp file as a texture for a custom material, SolidWorks created a .p2m file of the same name as the .bmp file. However, subsequent custom materials with respective custom .bmp texture images have not created new .p2m files. Additionally, the original .p2m file appears as a solid grey texture, rather than as the .bmp image.


      Also, how can I make a custom texture image that wraps itself to differently shaped parts automatically when the material is selected (as with default SolidWorks materials)? Whenever I apply my custom material to a part, its appearance is that of the .bmp image at a set size patterned in a grid over the surfaces of the part. I can go to the Appearances tab and edit the texture (grow its size) such that the .bmp image takes up the whole surface of the part and is not patterned, but this must be done manually for each part that has that material assigned to it. Can this process be automated? Is there a better way of accomplishing the same goal? I am using SolidWorks 2012 SP2.0 - Hotfix #637802


      Thank you for your time.




      Below I have attached, for comparison, images of the part with the appearance assigned to the custom material when the material is first selected and after stretching the texture manually.



      Custom Wood Texture - Default.jpgCustom Wood Texture - Stretched.jpg