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Virtual wall initial interference oddity

Question asked by Justin Strempke on Dec 20, 2012

I'm having some strangeness happen regarding virtual walls against surfaces.  I will occasionally get the "Initial interference not allowed" error, though the plane/wall has the correct offset.  I've even gone so far as to take it a huge percetage off (say for a sheet metal 0.048" thick, I offset the plane 0.2" to see).  When viewing the surface mesh in 3D some places seemed to overlap, so that's why I pushed it off - but get the same error.  Odd thing is I can place the plane ON the surface, and it solves.  I can also ignore clearances (not exactly sure what this means/does) and it solves, I'm just not sure if in these two cases it is solving correctly.


Can anyone shed some light on this as to how I might be setting this up incorrectly?