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Issule with EPDM API on x64 multithread applications on Windows 2008 Server x64

Question asked by Davide Centomo on Dec 20, 2012

I'm developing an x64 multithread service that periodically need to connect to EPDM. Everithing fine during the developement on my Windows7 x64 machine. When I start testing the solution on Windows 2008 server I was surprised to discover that the application was competely unstable. I tried to investingate the problem and finally I found that the problem was on the call iEdmVault8.GetVaultViews that cause the application crash. On Windows7 x64 the application work as expected and either in Windows 2008 Server if compiled on x86. I attached an example to verify by yourself the behaviour. Pleas let me know if you have some suggestion on how to proceed.

This issue it's not just releated to the call GetVaultViews but for example ither on IEdmBatchListing class. It seems a kind of heap corruption causing the issue.


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