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    Solidworks + Sheetworks (embedded)

    Andrea Bettoni



      I have a particular kind of solidworks, called Sheetworks (http://www.solidworks.com/sw/products/details.htm?productID=633).

      It's a Solidworks Premium licence with a further plugin made in Amada.



      Does anybody knows if there's a chance to have access to the pre release or other official downloads on the solidworks website?


      thank you

        • Re: Solidworks + Sheetworks (embedded)
          Pankaj Bir

          Dear Andrea,

          Sheetworks is sold in two formats. One as an add in and the other is the OEM format.  OEM format is probably what you have.

          Solidworks will not be able to update you on the Sheetworks content. That will come from AMADA.

          You will have to contact Amada for that.

          Sheetworks can now be bought as an addin .

          PreRelease information is rather tardy and pretty non existent with Amada. However upon a specific request somebody might

          just send you the information.


          Pankaj Bir