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    Double counterbored hole

    Kris Rowlands

      Is there a way to do a double counterbored hole in the hole wizard? Similar to the attached drawing...



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          Mike Pogue



          I don't think there is a hole wizard feature for this. There is a workaround to keep the callouts parametric, which you likely already know.


          1. Create a hole wizard c'bore in the part. Use the outermost c'bore.
          2. Add the extra c'bores.
          3. Dimension using hole callout in the drawing
          4. Dimesion the c'bores using regular dimensions
          5. Put your cursor in the hole-callout text editor
          6. Click one time on the extra c'bore dimensions, this adds those dims to the hole-callout
          7. Move the extra c'bore dimensions to a non-printing layer.