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Stress Analysis of a rotating shaft

Question asked by Daniel Galicki on Dec 20, 2012

Howdy everybody


I am a beginner to SolidWorks Simulation and I've been working with both the stress and frequency studies to get an idea of how my part will perform at high RPMs.

My main worry is that I am not setting the fixtures & external loads correctly. The part I am studying is a shaft gripped on both ends by rotating collets.



Right now I'm setting bearing fixtures on both ends of the shaft where it is gripped by the collets and I'm allowing the fixtures to self-align and I'm setting the stiffness to rigid.



For external loads, I've added a centrifugal force load at the speed at which the shaft is rotating.


Should I change my fixtures to fixed geometry or some other fixture? If bearings are correct should I not allow self-alignment; should I make them not rigid?