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Design table showing unknown state and won't delete.

Question asked by Monroe Dinh on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by Monroe Dinh

Hello all,

     I just started solidworks at my new entry level posititon and need some help with my design table.  I created this and was hoping to be able to adjust for additional features in the future without my file being easily corruptable but it seems it may be now.

My problem is I removed an offset dimension from the profile on the bottom and created a new one at the top. Everything looks fine for all the configurations but there is a feature "$STATE@Distance15@Sketch 6" showing up on the Design Table and I do not have a "distance15@sketch 6".  I keep deleting it from the table and it keeps showing back up when I open the table again!  I do not see this dimension anywhere on my sketch 6!!!  Can anyone tell me what is wrong??? PLEASE!


Thanks in advance!