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    Extreme zoom in/out

    Chad Mueller



      I'm having a weird problem with the mouse wheel zoom in Solidwork 2013.


      The zoom works fine, until, at some point, the zoom goes extremely far in or out with one touch.


      I'm working with two screens and I have found that when I click on the Windows desk and click again on the Solidworks part or assembly, the zoom works fine again.


      What could be the cause of this?


      Thank you


      Chad ML

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          Hadleigh Murad

          I actually get this problem all the time, but zooming out.

          It happens when panning, (zooms out) then i try to pan again (zooms out) i also had it in '12 Solidworks as well.

          Could it be our mouse?

          I'm working on one screen though, not two.



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            Jody Smith

            Chad, if you just recently updated to SW2013, be sure to update your video card drivers. I have dual Nvidia Quadro 2000's and that fixed my isues with the mouse wheel button in SW2013.


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              Doug Pocius

              I'm having a similar problem with SW2012.  I'm sitting here watching an assembly bounce up and down once per revolution as I rotate a model using a SpacePilot Pro.  I'm seeing all kinds of other loopy behavior such as unmated parts "running away" as I try to position them for mating.  One thing I'm seeing is that the assembly origin somehow ended up 10X the assembly sixe away from the assembly.  Not sure how this hapened and not sure how to fix, not even sure if it has anything to do with the loopy navigation behavior.

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                  Kelvin Lamport

                  What mouse device & graphics cards are you all using?

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                    Glenn Schroeder



                    Welcome to the forum.  This may not be related to the zoom isssue, but you said that the origin ended up 10X the assembly size away from the assembly.  Are your components not restrained in relation to the assembly?

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                        Doug Pocius

                        The issue came to a head when I was trying to insert a new component and it "flew away" when I attempted to move it closer for a mate.  The component was an assembly and it turned out that its origin was also far away from itself.  Fortunately, it was a simple assembly so I re-made it, making sure that the first part in the assembly was placed on the assembly origin by selecting the part and clicking OK as the dialog box suggests.  When I inserted this sub-assembly, everything went a lot smoother, no issues with selecting, moving, or view navigation.


                        Per another helpful person's suggestion, I also dragged the main assembly over to its origin by grabbing the "mother part", which fixed the view issues with it.  Turning on Origins in View revealed the issue in both cases.


                        Lesson learned: Pay attention to assembly origins and don't let them stray!

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                      Mike Sherman

                      I am using a Logitech Performace MX mouse, I am running a Nvidia Quadro 410 with the latest GPU driver, and SW 2014 SP1.0 and I am having the same zooming in and out issue. Never had this issue untill SW2014. I don't knwo what starts this issue or what solves it. Glad to see that I am not the only crazy person with this issue.

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                          Doug Pocius

                          Me again.  I've since upgraded to SW2013, no hardware changes.  Everything is peachy except for the specific thing where I zoom in close to a model (model extends <5X beyond window), then I touch the knob on the SpacePilot.  View immediately jumps to another part of the model at same magnification and same orientation.  Using the SpacePilot exclusively (including zooming in) does not cause this behavior.  Anyone else seen this?