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    Search for referenced drawings

    Diarmuid Boland

      Hello All


      Has anyone set up a search card in EPDM for finding all drawings which is referenced the top level assembly and also the sub assemblies with their parts.


      What I want to do is, I want to be able be able to select the Top level assembly and select a search card that will give me a list of all drawings that were created in order to build/manufacture the complete assembly.


      Any help in creating a search card would be greatly appreciated


      Cheers Dee

        • Re: Search for referenced drawings
          Greg Rupp

          There are few ways to do this, but none of them are as clean as you are hoping for.


          1. Use the bill of material tab. (may or may not work depending on your structure)
          2. Create a variable (call it "TopLevel") and assign to that variable the name of the top level assembly for any part/drawing/assembly. This will allow you to search for that.
          3. Use the copy tree feature
          4. Run a report (maybe from your erp or production planning software) and generate a list of the drawings you need. Then put the results in a list seperated with spaces. for example "1231234.slddrw 23123432.slddrw 234123406.slddrw" and put that in the the default "complete search" search card. It will find all files in the list, in this case the 3 files I put above.
          5. create an API to do exactly what you need.


          Good Luck