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Issues with converting solids to sheetmetal

Question asked by Ben Misegades on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by Ben Misegades

For one of my current projects, I've been using solid modeling techniques to achieve my desired geometry, and then converting said solid into two or more sheetmetal parts which I then export into individual part files.


This has been working great, and has been relatively flexible when I need to go back and alter the geometry somewhat because it will update the exported parts (that was the whole point, of course)


However, I'm having an issue on one of my components in the parent solid model. I've made some modifications to the geometry, and one of my sheetmetal conversions works fine. The second one, however, does not work and the error that it pops up is "Body is already sheetmetal; cannot convert"


I can't quite figure this one out. Does it think that my base solid body is now a sheetmetal part for some reason? I've tried deleting the "convert solid" features and inserting new ones, but that doesn't clear it up.


Any suggestions?