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Sphere with Holes

Question asked by Wei Siong Low on Dec 20, 2012
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Greetings Solidworks Gurus' and Masters out there,


This is my "virgin" post on SolidWorks Community Forum and I would kindly like to seek your expertise and advise.


I am just trying to create a simple component. It is basically a sphere/hemisphere with perforation on it.

The purpose of this component to allow fluid to pass through hence increasing the pressure drop of the fluid after passing through this "tea seave" like component.


I created this pattern by means of:-


1. Pattern on a Curve

2. Axial Pattern

3. Mirror Pattern.




Is there a much simpler way of doing this? I do not feel that my method is correct because:-


1. I have to do the perforation in segments. Because otherwise, the circular pattern at the smaller diameter willl start overlapping each other.

2. The pattern is not staggered properly. Unlike if i pattern on a flat surface, the pattern can be staggered 45deg or 60 deg apart etc.

3. I have to manually adjust the number of instances and angle each time till i get the correct distance between each holes.


I have attached the model for your reference as well. I do hope some of you can shed some light.


Hemisphere with Holes.jpg


Thank you in advance,


Best Regards,

Scott Low


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