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configuration and using global variables

Question asked by Andrew Wylam on Dec 19, 2012

Please can anyone help Solid works 2012?

I am having problems with using more than one configuration and using global variables!


I have set up  one Global Variables set up e.g. [D1@sketch 1  ' set the Global Variable to  = 200' ] Its just as an example  then  the next time i try to use it in a different configurations  say 50% size of the original model in a new  configuration. I try to use [D1@sketch 1= The Global Variable set to    = 200/2]


Then all the configurations change to the new dimension. 50% smaller when using this global variables.

That is divided or Multiplied  by some finger when I update a configuration all the configurations in the file up date to the new size in that file. (Its  Not a lot of help)


So far the only way I have got it to work is to set up one  Global Variable  for each dimetion i req. i.e.  =200 & =100



As far as I can see It’s just as easy to have two different dimension lines one in  in each configurations  from the smart dim tool.


It is no problem when you select ‘this configuration’ option from the drop down.


However  you do not get that option with from the smart dim tool when using global variables option Solid works changed tool and now all my books show how it works but the program does not working like the 2011 SolidWorks


Hope you understand my notes I am very new to SolidWorks and trying to find my way around.



Thanks Andrew  
Windows 7 X64




It works well with Linked Values!  can have numbers of configuration with dimensions controled by linked dims  linked value * or / by  a number end up with a box at 100% 50% & 25% Just cant stop it from updating all the configuration.